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rdsjw967 - 7/27/2014 9:10 AM
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This would be the most unfair tax ever!!! A large percent of traffic is from vehicles coming in to lubbock from out of the county. Many are large trucks hauling in and out of lubbock, these vehicles cause the greatest damamage. The roads should be kept up from the sales tax revenue which is generated, not just from local citizens but people coming from outside the city. A large group of which come from New Mexico. It is stupid to make locals pay and others not!!

focusmom - 7/26/2014 2:56 PM
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If they do this then the money will just go to a neighboring state. People already go to other states to go to casinos. We loose that every year. If people want to gamble they will find a way to do it.

Shark - 7/26/2014 1:30 AM
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If a Lubbock resident, with intimate friends in LPD, admitted to drinking 4 beers in Brownfield, and soon afterwards crashes at the 2100 block of Lubbock Road, would such crash, upon confirmation of B.A.C. above 0.08 be a DWI crash statistic for that city, even though the crash was just outside the Brownfield city limit? Would crooked cops of either city tamper with the blood sample to circumvent a DWI arrest of an intimate friend, or to stay off the top 10 list?

Hollex66 - 7/26/2014 12:37 AM
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I've been a friend of Mr. Wallace for over 15 years. Let's all of us try and not jump to any conclusions or conspiracy theories just right yet. I'm sure in due time all the facts and evidence will be released. RIP

Just a guy - 7/25/2014 11:39 PM
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Cal Brints buys all his produce from the same place all the super markets do, keystones the price, then claims that it's "fresh local produce". I can't believe you people are so naive. Just because he's an old man doesn't mean he can't be dishonest. Go check out their daily "farmers market" on 19th and Ave A (it's really a fruit stand with some poor soul working it). Once or twice a week at 8am a produce truck pulls up and unloads produce from guess where!? WHEREVERS CHEAPEST! Ask to have a look in the cooler at the "farmers market" you will see all the "fresh local produce" in it's packaging from out of state. I've even seen them selling the fruit with out of state stickers still on it! What a scam.

Shark - 7/25/2014 12:45 AM
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The 15 mouthpieces the mayor & council created, said what the mayor wanted them to say. How about a committee chosen by the citizens, instead of the council? As a citizen, I declare the words of the municipal mouthpieces as invalid. Is there anyone out there, not on the municipal payroll, that considers the council mouthpieces to be the voice of the citizens?

CrimeJunkie - 7/23/2014 9:22 PM
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This sounds like it might be an organized crime hit. Since the victim was once a judge, it would not be at all unusual for him to have acted in some capacity against the drug kings that are threatening all of us. The alleged murderer is not a babe in the woods. This is one to follow & closely

Julie Worley - 7/23/2014 9:00 AM
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C'mon Congress US children ask that school beatings #CorporalPunishment be Abolished Cosponsor HR5005 WATCH WATCH 3 minute YouTube video trailer at for"The Board of Education" Documentary Movie by Jared Abrams about Corporal Punishment of Children in America's Schools. "Nineteen states still permit corporal punishment and almost a quarter of a million children are paddled annually. That is clearly a practice that goes against evidence and should be eliminated. If paddling states legislatures don't act, the federal government should do so by tying federal funding to paddling bans". Nadine Block, Author "Breaking the Paddle: Ending School Corporal Punishment", Co-Founder Center for Effective Discipline, Children's Constitutional, Civil Rights NOT a "states' rights issue" Congress must enact H.R. 5005 "The Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act of 2014"

Shark - 7/23/2014 8:44 AM
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Many children would be better off if the state forced deadbeat parents to pay their court ordered child support AND if the state regularly checked to ensure that the funds are being used for the well being of the children.

melo123 - 7/22/2014 12:58 PM
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To Gayle Ferguson: please join so we can get more people out there with you next time! - melanie
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